2019 Prayer Chain

The prayer chain has been updated.  Those listed below, please make sure you get an updated copy from Whitney.  Ann Bruce, Barbara Caughey, Dana Loucks, Barbara McMillen, Joe or Mary Jane Mains, Anna Marie Glaus, Donna Marshall, Linda Clayton, Dave Skinner, Carol Clayton, Whitney Harness/Church Office

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  1. I am a mess, me and my ex broke up and every morning I’ve woke up I feel empty and depressed I’ve south prayer and I need the Lord to help me with what I’m going through. I am very heart broken . I’m having breathing and heart issues as well as weight problems I was a smoker for 10 years. I know god can heal and do anything. Please add me to your emergency prayer chain. I’m young I’m only 28 years old. Please pray for my ex as well his names ant. That god would he’s the situation and he would reach out to me and that god would work in his heart and my heart and change the situation I know god can do anything. I’d also like prayer for healing of a dissorder I was diagnosed with

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