Dear Church Family,
I hope all of you are well at home.  I am a retired RN and Reverend Bram has requested that I send a message to you based on my professional experience.
1.    Stay home as directed for the time being.  Many of us are in a high-risk group simply because of our age.  If you can, contact someone to get your groceries. Follow the guidelines of frequently washing your hands (while singing the Happy Birthday song twice) and wiping surfaces with wipes or make your own Clorox/water spray. Recipe: 3 Tablespoons Clorox (bleach) plus 4 cups water in a clean spray bottle. 
2.    If you have symptoms of respiratory origin, coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing and running a fever or GI symptoms such as diarrhea, call your Doctor.  They will decide whether you need to be seen or need a test for the Corona Virus (COVID-19).
3.    If you have children at home, try to challenge their minds to stay active until school resumes on-line or in the normal setting of the classroom.  They are our future and a dear commodity of our great country.  Play games, take walks, etc.
4.    Stay in touch with others via phone, messaging or email.  Call someone you haven’t seen for awhile.  They will appreciate your phone visit and concern.  Watch your favorite shows, write a note to someone, read a book, and cook or bake.  Try to stay busy, (maybe even some spring cleaning, Ugh, I hesitate to mention that).
5.    Try to get out on your porch or around your yard or area close to your residence, for some sunlight and fresh air.  Practice social distancing (6 feet between persons).
6.    Pray, Pray, Pray more than ever.  Remember God is in charge!
We will get through this!  I miss you all.  We will be worshiping together when it is safe to do so.  Stay healthy!  God bless all of you.
Love to all,
Carol Clayton
PS:  Continue to Worship, on-line or TV, Sunday Morning or when you can.

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