The church has a long tradition of Lent as a season of prayer, fasting and alms-giving. Each of these spiritual exercises is a preparation for Easter.

The forty days of Lenten preparation echoes a familiar pattern in ScriptureThe Israelite’s spent 40 years in the wilderness. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert before beginning his public ministry.

For Christians, the weeks leading up to Easter have always been a time for re-commitment, for coming into a right and much deeper relationship with God.

You are invited to share this wonderful experience with us as we will begin our Lenten preparation and spiritual Easter journey on Ash Wednesday, 6:30 PM, February 26, 2020, with the disposition of ashes. As the sign of the cross is made in ashes on our foreheads, we are reminded how our lives can be renewed in Christ. The Holy Spirit is able to bring us re-birth, re-creation, renewal and redemption.

Begin your personal spiritual Lenten journey in worship with us in the Church Fellowship.

The time of the service is 6:30 PM.

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