Young at Heart

The organizers are starting to gear up for YAH!

The plan is to begin in September.

We desperately need volunteers to COOK and GROCERY SHOP.

Without volunteers, we’ll have to cancel.

Young At Heart has been our most successful outreach providing entertainment programs and meals for the senior citizens in our community.  The event pays for itself with the generous donations from the attendees. We sincerely hope to keep Young At Heart alive.

Interested in Taking Your Walk with Christ to the Next Level? There’s an ACTS for That!

Hey Church Family–have you ever felt the Lord tugging on your heart to strengthen your Christian Education?  Do you think you might be receiving a call to lay ministry?  Our ABCOPAD region has a truly fine Academy of Christian Training and Service (ACTS), an experience pairing online instruction and field experience under a ministerial mentor.  Check out this excellent promotional video at THIS LINK, or check the program website at THIS LINK.  A new schedule of classes starts soon!

One Great Hour of Sharing

This important offering will be taken during the month of June.  Please read the article in the BEACON describing the recent volcano eruption and how your OGHS dollars are being spent to help those in desperate times.

Thank You!

As our college students finish up their year with finals, I want to “Thank You” for your support to this ongoing ministry. As they enjoy their summer, we look forward to the fall and will remember to keep them in prayer as they endure another college year away from home.

Linda Clayton, Coordinator

College Ministry

Memorial Day 2021

The Worship Board is asking for information on deceased military veterans from your immediate family which you would like honored at our Memorial Day worship service on Sunday, May 30.   You can call the information in to the church office by 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 26.  Thank you.