THANK YOU to all who donated cookies and monetary gifts to Tri-City Meals on Wheels.  They were very appreciative.  Our next date to collect cookies is JUNE 21.    … Diane Meyers
First Baptist Church, Thank you so much for the boxes of goodies and the letters over this school year!  I really appreciate the thought especially because I am so far away.  Your kind words / bible verses really help on the bad days but also the good.  Thank you for thinking of me. 
 … love, Abbey Smith
Dear Quilting Ladies – Carol Clayton
Amazed. Grateful. Inspired.  That’s how your donation has made us feel.  Thank you SO MUCH for your generous gift of cloth masks!  UPMC Senior Communities gratefully acknowledges this wonderful contribution that came in a time of great need.
Your thoughtfulness during this global challenge has helped to sustain the health and well-being of many.  Because of your help we continue to provide quality compassionate care to those we serve.  It is a blessing to have the support of wonderful friends and neighbors like you. 
Once again, a heartfelt thank you from the leadership and staff of UPMC Senior Communities.
… with gratitude, Nanci L. Case, Senior Vice President Business Development, UPMC Senior Services, UPMC Western Behavioral Health

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