Losing the chance to be together in fellowship at a time such as this, when we need to hear the hope that is ours in Christ and to have the opportunity to encourage one another is troubling for all involved, and so we write today with what we hope is one way to stay connected as a Baptist family of faith.
We also want to remind you of an important reality.  Even though our church family may not be able to meet for corporate worship, the financial needs of the church and our wider mission work continue, and so we would ask that you would be generous and consistent in mailing your tithes and offerings to the church.
Your pastor continues to serve and ministry continues to unfold, so we hope you will do your part in faithfully supporting the ongoing work of the Kingdom.  In the interim, we will walk alongside those who suffer in this pandemic. We are grateful for our Baptist Church who so often are on the front lines in response to all who are vulnerable, who suffer, and who live in fear, because they are disciples of the healer, Jesus Christ.
The peace of the Lord
William E. Davis


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