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Dear Friend,
The energy and capacity for beginning a new year comes to each of us by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit and a confirmation that the promises of God are sure and anew. This year is, as yet, unknown and untested, as crisp and fresh as the pages of a new diary. But one thing we do know. Of one thing we can be sure. God promises us strength to equal our days. In other words, in the moment of testing we will be given the strength we need.

Major Barbara Sampson of The Salvation Army, in “The Words of Life” says:

“As this year unfolds,
when you need a hiding place from the battering storms,
when you need a refuge where you can be yourself,
when you need a strong tower to protect you,
crawl into the embrace of the eternal God who loves you.”

She used Deuteronomy 33: 7 “underneath are the everlasting arms” and this poem and prayer:

“I’m in the hands that molded the universe
I’m held in strong hands that will not let me go
I’m held in the arms of grace and forgiveness
I’m held by the God who loves me so.”

May these wonderful promises from Moses’ last words
be God’s first words to us as we walk confidently into this
new year:

“Your strength will equal your days.
The eternal God is your refuge.
Underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Just as the Chinese people have a different designation for each year, may this year be the celebration of God’s faithfulness. Color it with praise! Flavor it with joy! Know that it is already wrapped around with God’s love and faithfulness.

Bramwell Kjellgren

PS: Remember – You are in God’s hands and in my prayers – always.