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My Dear Christian Friend,

Several years ago a family drove out East to spend Thanksgiving Day with their relatives.
On the way, their car began giving them trouble. Fortunately, they found a gas station open
where a mechanic was on duty. But he didn’t have the parts to make the necessary repairs,
so they were delayed until he could locate them. They finally arrived late at night at the
home where their loved ones were waiting anxiously.

But their troubles weren’t over. By morning, most of them had the flu! When the time
came to return to Grand Rapids, they still weren’t feeling well. To make matters worse,
about halfway home the baby also became ill. Worn out and discouraged, they continued
on in silence. One of the little ones in the back seat piped up, and said: “What ever
happened to Thanksgiving?”

That’s the way we sometimes react to adversities. When all is well and things are going our
way, it’s so easy to praise the Lord. But when our plans are disrupted, bills pile up, our
health fails, or disappointments come, thankfulness seems to disappear.

Yet the Bible tells us to give thanks for everything! And when we do, we won’t need to ask,
“What ever happened to Thanksgiving?” Because every day of our life will be a
“Thanksgiving Day” and every day we will be living on “Thanksgiving Street” with a “Spirit
of Thanksgiving” bursting forth inside of us. The early Christians, the apostles and their
disciples were thankful to the Lord, not only on the Lord’s Day but every day. “In every
thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”
(1 Thessalonians 5: 18).

I wish you all the best Thanksgiving Day ever in your life!

God bless you abundantly.
God loves and cares about you – and so do I.

Bramwell Kjellgren

PS. Remember – YOU are in God’s hands and in my prayers.