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Dear Loved Ones in our Church;

I remember talking with my sister, one day many years ago, about growing older.  I’m sure the conversation began something like  “When I grow up, things will be better, or easier, or make more sense than they do right now.”

I was certain that wisdom, maturity, and clarity in all things might be waiting for me just around the next corner.  I will never forget her answer.  She stated, “Sometimes we go through life wishing for tomorrow, thinking that somehow it will be better than today.  The funny thing is that when you get there, it’s never really all you thought it would be – and so you set your sights on the next milestone.”

She went on to explain that at each milestone of her life – graduating from college, getting married, having children, waiting for her children to grow to be a certain age – there was a gift.  In fact, each stage of her life had a gift for her.  She reflected that if she had wished for the next stage of life too hard, she would have missed the gifts that were being offered in that day.  Life is to be embraced in the now, not later.  Waiting for tomorrow to bring the final level of maturity, wisdom, or clarity is useless because life doesn’t work that way.  Life is a process of growth, and it begins wherever we find ourselves in a particular moment.  She taught me the importance of focusing on today.

The apostle Paul said“Indeed, the “right time” is now.  Today is the day of salvation.”

The invitation of Ash Wednesday is simple.  We are invited to contemplate what we can do today to welcome God’s reconciling power into our lives.  May we know that this is the acceptable time.  And growth in the life of faith should never be postponed to a later or more ideal time.  God calls us to begin anew each day.

With my warmest greetings in the Lord …. and our journey continues.

Yours ever sincerely,

Rev. Bramwell Kjellgren